Basic Features of Spoken English and Written English

Text type Grammar Vocabulary Other features
Written English

* some complex sentences.

* absence of personal pronouns.

* more passive voice

* academic language.

* formal words: raison d'etre, depredations, entrepot basis, etc.

* precision in choice of vocabulary

* some specialist vocab: e.g. academic rationalist curriculum, aesthetic, didactic.

*information very densely packed in.

* information/ ideas logically organized.

Spoken English

* personal pronouns.

* mainly active voice.

* unlike spontaneous speech, complete sentences, 'correct' grammar.

* fairly short sentences.

* use of rhetorical questions.

* careful choice of vocabulary to create positive effect on audience: e.g. restless, audacity, extraordinary, probity, rich fabric, steadfast commitment.

* information less densely packed in.

*information/ideas logically organized* no hesitations, fillers, etc.