Using MS Comic Chat to Connect to the ELC chat server

Here are some basic instructions for using MS Comic Chat to join a chat room. The name of a chat room must start with a  - for example the name here is #GRAMMAR_HELP.

Installing Comic Chat

  1. Download the MS Comic Chat program to your computer.
  2. Run the program and it will install itself and place an icon in your START menu.
  3. Click START then click the Comic Chat icon to load the program.
  4. Select New Connection from the File Menu, and type in the server URL, which must be as below

Type in the room name and the server and room will be added to the list after you connect.

From the View Menu select the Options-Personal Info and enter the name you use to chat with in the space for Nickname:  (nicknames CANNOT contain spaces!), and remember this must be a unique name in the chat. (IRC servers will not allow two people to use the same name at the same time).

Now select Options - Character and choose a character to use, as below: 

A chat session using MS comic chat may look something like the example below. 

That's it, you're ready to chat!

There are many other functions that you can do (see the vartious menus). For example, you can exchange private message with individual participants, (Query) or save the chat in log files. If you prefer, you can use the program to print text only.