Using IRC Client Programs to Connect to the ELC Chat Server

There are a number of excellent FREEWARE IRC programs for the Windows platform. Popular ones are mIRC and PIRCH , and for other IRC programs for Windows or any other operating system visit TUCOWS.

As an example here are some basic instructions for using mIRC.

Installing mIRC

  1. Download the mIRC program to your computer.
  2. Run the program and it'll install itself and place an icon in your START menu.
  3. Click START then click the mIRC icon to load the program.
  4. Select Options from the File Menu, and click the Add button to add the ELC chat server, and type in the server URL. The description can be anything you like, but the IRC Server entry must be as below

Click Add and the server will be added to the list.

Enter your personal details and the name you use to chat with in the space for Nickname:  (nicknames CANNOT contain spaces!), and just in case someone else uses the same nickname enter an alternate nickname in the Alternate Nickname space. (IRC servers will not allow two people to use the same name at the same time).

Type your name in the space for User Name  (NOTE: this field isn't currently used by IRC servers so it doesn't really matter what you type here) and click OK.

You will now be prompted to enter the channel (room) name - type the name #IT-MELT as below (you should add it to the list first} and click Join. This will connect you to the chat.

Once you have successfully connected to an IRC server all the information you enter will be remembered. You are now connected to the IRC server and can begin chatting!

That's it, you're ready to chat!

There are many other functions that you can do (see the Tools menu). For example, you can exchange private message with individual participants, (Query) or save the chat in log files.